Mahjong Treasure Quest


A fun Mahjong adventure


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Mahjong Treasure Quest is a mahjong game where you've got to help a young girl and her cat fight against an evil sorceress. The way you fight her is through games of mahjong. Every time you win a level you get a set a objects that help you on your adventure.

The gameplay in Mahjong Treasure Quest is the one that anybody who's ever played mahjong before will know perfectly well. You have to remove pairs of pieces from the board, being careful not to block the remaining pieces. Plus there are special power-ups you can use now and then that should help get you out of tight spots.

As usual in mahjong games, in Mahjong Treasure Quest you can customize the game pieces with various drawings and patterns. Once you've got enough money you can unlock your sets of pieces to give more variety to the rounds.

Mahjong Treasure Quest is a different kind of mahjong game combining the best of this traditional game we all love so much with a story mode and some really pretty graphics.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher